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Coding Support Services

"The quality and professionalism of their staff has been of the highest caliber. NJPR is a local company that provides us with customized services. They have always worked with us to enhance the quality of services we provide to our patients."

St. Joseph's HealthCare System, Paterson, NJ

"St. Francis Medical Center and NJPR have worked together for many years. NJPR provides St. Francis with coding support services and provides coders who are CCS certified and have years of acute care coding experience. Over the years, the NJPR coders have become an integral part of the St. Francis' Coding team".

St. Francis Medical Center, Trenton, NJ


NJPR CCS Cram Course…

"Really excellent, lots of new information and also re-inforced old material. Nice relaxed atmosphere"

NJPR CCS Cram Course…

"I learned more in 2 days then I did in 4 different coding classes"

NJPR CCS Cram Course…

"Excellent teacher, very thorough, I feel confident about studying and less nervous about the test"

NJPR ICD-10 Training…


I would like to inform you of the VERY positive feedback I've gotten from the staff who attended the ICD-10 training the other day conducted by Michelle!!

Thanks so much!

Director, Health Information, Hackensack University Medical Center

NJPR ICD-10 Training…

"I have to tell you, my team and I are really enjoying the classes. I almost feel like I will be able to get this!!!. The teachers are great!"

NJPR ICD-10 Training…

"First exposure to ICD-10 - Great info presented"

NJPR ICD-10 Training…

"The instructors were very clear on explaining each topic"

NJPR Staff

NJPR is such a professional and thoughtful company and I am so grateful to be part of it. I tell Diane often how much I love it here. In this day and time of being associated with and only hearing horror stories about transcription companies, you are a refreshing difference. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the NJPR family."

"You have been so supportive and a wonderful mentor. Thank you for everything"

"Claude credits NJPR with providing his core knowledge of Medical Coding becoming one of their lead medical coders performing onsite medical records coding for hospital in-patient accounts. It was through NJPR's training program that he successfully completed the Certified Coding Specialist certification from AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association)"

"I have proudly worked for NJPR since 2006. The management and staff are wonderful to work with; always professional and supporting the employees with ongoing guidance and career mentorship. Their workplace policies always put the employee first! A great working environment!"