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The Welcome Return of a Unique Code for Unspecified Depression (Depression NOS) Crossword Puzzle

Small modifications in the FY 2021 Index and Tabular have large implications with regard to data and comparative data collection going forward for a common diagnosis, “depression.” NJPR has developed a coding crossword puzzle to help reinforce correct coding. Please download the crossword puzzle below, and submit your completed puzzle via the contact form to […]

The Goldilocks Procedure Crossword Puzzle

The Goldilocks breast reconstruction procedure is an option that is “just right” for certain women in comparison to other available types of breast reconstruction procedures. The option that is “just right” is influenced by what type of mastectomy was performed, the details of a cancer diagnosis and pending treatments, the patient’s body type and the […]

The Goldilocks Procedure – “Just Right” for Some Women

Introduction A question was posed to the American Hospital Association’s Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM/ICD-10-PCS Advisory Board, (“CC”) requesting guidance on the correct coding for a bilateral “Goldilocks breast reconstruction.“ The question and response appear in “CC” Volume 8, Number 2, Second Quarter 2021, page 16. “CC” advises that “Coding advice or code assignments contained in […]